Thursday 21 September 2017


Saimare is one of the most important players both at a national and European level and is a leader in the shipping sector as it offers a wide range of services which cover the entire assistance cycle relating to ships, crews, and passengers.

And operates directly and through its subsidiaries at the ports of Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Naples, Italy, Taranto, Gioia Tauro, Cagliari and Venice.

It serves its customers thanks to a total of 160 employees, among which 95 operating in Customs, 20 holding a professional qualification for customs and 6 who are registered with the list of ship’s agents.

As a modern, efficient and innovative business, Saimare has constantly developed its presence throughout the region  by focusing on the key points of the strategic action: service quality, safety supervision, internal efficiency, enhancement of corporate assets and attention to development opportunities.

After nearly nine decades of experience with shipping and integrated logistics operators, Saimare was chosen as a partner to test the innovative projects undertaken by the Administration Customs at the national level.


The current shipping and logistics scenario, overall, represents highly competitive references suitable for Saimare which aims at strengthening its presence in reference markets, by focusing on the key points of its strategic action through the enhancement of corporate assets and external indicators that allow getting to know development opportunities, also through new coalitions.

As a part of an increasingly difficult sector, Saimare is oriented to distinguish itself from its competitors by offering a wide range of services that allow the customer to consider the company a reference point for satisfying his needs.

Saimare considers itself one of the first businesses which was able to understand the importance of abandoning the old way of managing "shipping companies" with a precise objective: making innovation become a daily challenge that is able to anticipate trends and customer needs. And this is really important way to obtain commercial-like strategic information in the field in which one operates.

Saimare's commitment is to maintain market leadership in the areas in which operates through both a target and aggressive commercial policy.

Saimare inteneded to establish a clear and unambiguous meaning through its mission, which is useful to ensure the reason for its own existence and the purpose of its organization.

This innovative address by using the lines of conduct belongs to Saimare’s governance system.